After eight years of teaching other people’s material I am now delivering my own workshops. My workshops have:

  • Interractive discussion, not just slides and lecture
  • Customized content and pace for each group
  • 4 – 8 students per workshop, usually from one company
  • Lab based, hands on experience and experimentation
  • Lots of whiteboarding

I have a small number of prepared workshops and can add or remove areas to suit the students on each workshop.

To book your workshop email me today.

vSphere Operations Workshop

This two day workshop is for the operators who look after the vSphere environment. It will help them to understand how Virtual Machines (VMs) are different from the physical servers they replaced. Attendees will also learn how to get the most out of the new capabilities and opportunities that virtualisation offers, taking away some of the fear, and preventing common mistakes.

Here’s the pdf of the course outline.

VMware Horizon View Workshop

This two day workshop covers the concepts and technologies that make up a Horizon View deployment. From the basics of Connection server deployment and Windows desktop image optimization through to the details of storage design and secure deployment of access over the Internet. This workshop will give you the foundation to plan, deploy and operate Horizon View.

Here’s the pdf of the course outline.

VMware Site Recovery Manager Workshop

This one day workshop covers the fundamentals of VMware SRM. From the component architecture to the storage replication through site pairing and VM protection to failover and failback the workshop covers a lot. As a single day workshop there isn’t a lot of time to build labs and set everything up, however we will spend some hands on time with a working SRM environment.

Here’s the pdf of the course outline.

Not affiliated with or endorsed by VMware

These workshops are not VMware materials; they are based on my experience and knowledge of VMware products. These workshops do not fulfil any of the training requirements for VMware certification and are not designed to follow any exam curriculum. Of course the workshops can help you prepare for certification but you will need to use the exam blueprints published on to check that your knowledge, skills and experience match the exam requirements.