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The APAC edition of the vBrownBag podcast is taking a walk on the network side. A new series will cover the fundamentals of Cisco’s ACI, which is their Software Defined Networking product. This series will be presented by Lauren Malhoit, a member of the vBrownBag crew and a host of the Size Matters tech podcast. Lauren also works for Cisco in the ACI team. The shows will run alternate Thursday evenings, at 9 PM in New Zealand time. You can subscribe to the podcast here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3823028688718766593

The (subject to change) current schedule is:

Date Topic
26 November Getting started with ACI

  • Spine/Leaf architecture
  • Demo – Fabric Discovery
  • End Point Groups
  • Policy Driven Networking/Application Network Profiles
  • Demo – Create an Application Network Profile
10 December VMM Integration

  • Highlights of integration with VMware
  • Highlights of integration with Hyper-V
  • Highlights of integrations with Azure
  • Demo – Show integration with vCenter and how EPGs become portgroups
14 January Contracts

  • Continue with ANP – from an AVS point of view
  • Dynamic EPGs with AVS
  • Distributed Firewall with AVS
  • Demo – Dynamic EPGs with vCenter
28 January ACI Automation and Orchestration

  • API Inspector
  • Demo – API Inspector
  • ACI Toolkit
  • Demo – ACI Toolkit
  • Cloud Orchestration Tools
  • Demo – Openstack
11 February TBD


To assist with preparations for VCAP qualifications we are running a series of interactive webinars covering the subject areas of the VCAP certifications. The webinars are part of the ProfessionalVMware Brownbag series.


Along with my friend Andrea Mauro (and anyone else who volunteers) I will be covering the new parts of the VCP6-DT blueprint. In the first episode in this series I looked over the blueprint and identified the major areas of new things, they are:

  • HTML5 access
  • Hardware 3D
  • SAML Auth
  • RDSH
  • Workspace Portal
  • Mirage
  • Operations Manager for View

These are the areas I plan to cover, if there are other areas that we should cover then let me know, @DemitasseNZ on twitter

Register for the live Podcast https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/885241632

APAC Storage Debate

Here in the ANZ region we are known for trying anything new. The APAC vBrownBag podcast is hosting the Storage Debate. Each episode I will propose a controversial idea about storage in enterprise IT and two teams of storage experts will tell us why the idea is right or wrong.

As always you can register here to take part live. To listen to the mayhem later simply subscribe to the vBrownBag podcast in iTunes or use this link in your favourite non-Apple podcatcher.

Performance Series

Starting in May 2014 I’m being joined by Irfan Ahmad to look at a few performance related topics. You may recognize Irfan as @VirtualIrfan on twitter and as one of the founders of CloudPhysics. This should be a great series with some useful knowledge, I know I learned a bit when I listened to Irfan at Virtualization Field Day.

Date Topic
8 May Diagnosing Performance with Storage Workload Shapes
22 May Diagnosing Performance with Storage Workload Shapes (Continued)
5 June Finding storage performance culprits and victims
19 June To SSD or Not to SSD

As always the schedule is subject to change, good questions can make the sessions run long & Irfan has lots of knowledge to tap into.

You can register for the series here https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/885241632


I spent a few sessions looking at the VCAP5-DTA exam, there wer a couple of breaks but I covered a fair amount of the content.


The APAC Edition of the vBrownBag podcast is currently focused on Desktop Design for VMware View and the VCAP5-DTD exam that has just been released.

The sessions will be less formal than previous Design vBrownBags, more of a discussion about the process with consultants who have been there.

At present the consultants are myself and Grant Orchard, I’d like to add another person to that conversation, if you have View design experience and are available 9pm Sydney Australia time on alternate Thursdays then drop me an email.


For financial reasons I have put my VCDX on hold, I may revisit later in the year.

Having passed both VCAP5-DCD and VCAP5-DCA certifications I now have two options.  I can head into the cloud certifications or attempt VCDX-DV. I have chosen the VCDX path as I think that will have some benefits to me professionally.  The cloud stuff will still be there when I’m done and that will be my next area of study.

I am aiming for the defense at PEX in Sydney at the end of April.  This means I need to have my design completed and submitted by the end of March. Joi n me each fortnight to see how I’m progressing. I plan to have a mock defense live on the podcast and am also going to interview people behind the program as I understand there will be some changes to the program this year, maybe the Desktop and Cloud VCDX paths will become clear.


The US sessions of the vBrownBag have started covering the VCAP5-DCA, head on over to ProfessionalVMware Brownbag to find out more about that. We will cover the VCAP5-DCA in an APAC timezone, I plan on only covering material that’s new in V5 since I did plenty of study for my V4 certification and know a few people in the region who are also well studied.  If you don’t have VCAP4-DCA don’t worry, we won’t be assuming you know all that material. You can register for the series here https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/885241632

Very luckily Ed Grigson has done the analysis of the blueprint on his vExperienced site, we will cover everything in green on the VCAP5-DCA What’s New page.

If you’d like to present something DCA then give me a holler.  Preparing for these sessions is a great way to force yourself to study and know one area really well.

In addition we will look at the real world use of some of VMware’s other products.

Date Presenter Topic
5 July  Michael Webster – VCDX  Virtualizing Business Critical Applications
19 July Grant Orchard vCenter Operations Suite
2 August  Alastair Cooke  VCAP5-DCA What’s New in Storage
16 August  Tim Gleed  Something from the VCP5-IaaS Blueprint
APAC vBrownbag is continuing it’s VMworld Hiatus as I’m organising Tech Talks for Barcelona
8 November  Alastair Cooke  Basic Storage Math
22 November  Alastair Cooke  More Basic Storage Math



We have finished the live sessions, however the recordings and slide decks are all online to help you prepare.

Date Presenter Topic
2 Feb Alastair Cooke Overview, Methodology and Business Requirements
9 Feb Hee Teck Tan Storage Design
16 Feb Wee Kiong Tan Network Design
23 Feb Alastair Cooke Availability & DR Design
1 March Iwan Rahabok Security Design
vSphere Design Document
8 March Wee Kiong Tan Network Design  continued
15 March Jon Hall  Exam registration and environment
22 March Alastair Cooke  Host Design
29 March Grant Orchard  Cluster Design
5 April Alastair Cooke  Implementation Planning
19 April RJ Ratan Management Design
26 April Tim Gleed VM Design – Part 1
3 May Tim Gleed VM Design – Part2
10 May  Nick Marshall Performance Design
17 May  Alastair Cooke VCAP5-DCD Series Wrap up


11 Responses to APAC vBrownbags

  1. Hey Alastair, the security link is missing. Is it supposed to be pointing to


  2. Alastair says:

    Thanks Alex, I’ve updated the page

  3. Just wanted to say thanks very much Alastair! Your brown bag sessions above were a MASSIVE help for my VCAP 4 which I passed yesterday… 🙂

    I think the materials I used were just as relevant to the VCAP4 as to the VCAP5 with the exception of the new technologies, and am hoping I wont have to do too much more studying before taking the VCAP 5 upgrade once it’s released. If its any use to you or your readers, my prep guide is here: http://www.tekhead.org/blog/2012/02/vmware-vcap-dcd-4-exam-prep/

    Also my exam review and tips (which should virtually all apply to the VCAP 5) are here: http://www.tekhead.org/blog/2012/03/vmware-vcap-dcd-4-exam-review/

  4. Pradeep says:

    Congrats Duncan, I took mine today also and passed as well. I cekipd Friday the 13th for luck (and had to wait a week to get the free retry voucher code). Thanks for all your postings, I used some notes from some of your articles in my study guide based on tbe blueprint.Overall I thought the test was fair, a couple of questions I thought were not since you could use the client to calculate the answer for my last question, but I did like how they seemed to be alot more applied types of questions and situational based rather than What is the maximum # of ____ questions. Also a lot of questions with multiple answers.

  5. Leeon says:

    I recently came to know about the vbrownbags session for DCD .I wish to thank you for the tremendous efforts you have put for the sessions.All sessions are really informative and provide a good resource for preparation.
    I would again like to thank you for the efforts.

  6. I appreciate all vBrownbags people and their hard work to share knowledge.

  7. shah mohsin wahed says:

    Thanks a lot for all this precious webinar!

  8. I look forward to using the VCAP5-DCD webinars recordings to help me with preparation for the VCAP exam. Appreciate your help!

  9. Mustafa says:

    Thanks for the webinars

  10. Tommy says:

    Thank you for the useful information, Alastair!

  11. John says:


    I already used the vbrownbag videos as primary resource to pass the VCAP-DCA – thanks for making the videos – they are excellent !

    I’m currently studying for the VCAP-DTA – I can only find 2 recordings for the VCAP-DTA on iTunes and another on youtube – how many VCAP-DTA recordings did you guys make – where can they be downloaded from ?


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