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Yesterday I attended the simply Virtualise seminar in Auckland.  As far as I know this is the first time Xensource has presented in NZ. 

It was interesting to see the product, however briefly, in action.  As usual the server isn’t very interesting and the real action is in the management console.  The console looked nice enough , but quite simple.  Definitely something to have a play with for small sites or maybe branch offices.

John Glendenning from Xensource outlined the company history and the current product range as well as a little of the future.  As expected the future is all about virtualising Microsoft servers.  What I wasn’t aware of is that Xen started as an English (Cambridge University) research project in the same way that VMware started as a research project at Stamford University in the US. 

Also present were:

Express Data talking about their plans for XenSource distribution and a fairly small and committed partner channel.  James Johnston ran the demonstration as well as allowing John to talk some more about the Xensource products.

Microsoft had Bruce Chamberlain talking all things virtualised, particularly talking Desktop, Server, Presentation (terminal services) and application (soft grid) virtualisation.  Outside of the session Bruce was reminding people that virtualisation isn’t always the right answer, i.e. a heavily loaded SQL server or and Exchange server serving 2000 mailboxes probably demands a dedicated server.  It is important to remember that just because you can do it and it’s the latest buzz doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

Sun to showcase their x86 server line, with Barry Trotman enthusing about the possibilities of the kit.

PlateSpin to tell us how great PowerRecon and PowerConvert are.  I particularly liked the perpetual license for PowerConvert to allow DR backups of physical or virtual servers using delta change replication to remote storage.  Another product to play with as time permits.

The interesting thing remains seeing so many familiar faces, colleagues and competitors.

I had a brief chat with a lady from a central north island power company that had implimented Xensource as their virtualisation platform, by all accounts a successfull implimentation by NSP

Looks like it’s time to play, unfortunately that means an upgrade to a PC with 64bit extensions, maybe it’s time for a play laptop as well as the one I use to deliver training.  Any suggestions on the best laptop with Intel VT support?

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