Writing in June

Another busy month in June, HPE Discover in Las Vegas and teaching an Online vSphere Operations course for O’Reilly.  Now I’m caught up in all the organization for the vBrownBag TechTalks at VMworld. This year we will have far more presentations and will also be listed in Schedule Builder, so I expect an in-person audience too. Remember that there is also only a one week gap between the US and EMEA conferences, I only get home to NZ for three nights between. All this means that organization for TechTalks has to happen early, which is now.

On TVP I talked a bit about the new Oracle Cloud, which should be an interesting platform with distinct differences to what AWS offers.

While I was at HPE Discover I talked to IT people from two manufacturing plants that use IoT technology to better manage their maintenance. It is interesting that we think of IoT in a consumer context, IoT fridge or toilet, but the real IoT value will be in industrial applications.

It looks like my massive stint of writing for TechTarget has borne fruit & there is a heap of my articles published. I expect the next few months will be quieter as I haven’t been writing so much recently.

I think July is going to be a fun month and then conference season starts in earnest. I hope to see lots of my friends in-person at VMworld and to make a few new friends too.

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