Back to San Francisco for Pure Accelerate

The springtime conference season continues, I will be attending Pure Accelerate in San Francisco from May 22nd to 24th as a guest of Pure Storage. This will be my first time at Accelerate; the last two years conferences never quite worked out for me. I learned quite a lot about the Flash Array product when we did a vBrownBag Build Day Live event last year. I am expecting to learn a bit more about the Flash Blade product and how it is being used by real customers. Also more presence for FlashStack, which is a converged infrastructure with Cisco UCS servers and Pure Storage Flash Array. I also expect to see some evolution of the Pure1 web service that is used to manage an estate of Pure Storage arrays.  There has been quite a contingent of bloggers and influencers at past Pure Accelerate conferences; I expect to see a few friends and make a few new ones. I also have quite a few friends at Pure Storage, so it will be nice to catch up with them if they have a spare moment at the conference.

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