Build Day TV – AWS Networking Fundamentals

If you are just starting out with AWS, you might find the networking a little different from what you are used to on-premises. Take a look at this video series we recently ran on Build Day Live; it was the first series of Build Day TV episodes. Most of the episodes are in two parts, a theoretical video, and a hands-on demonstration.

AWS VPC networking Basics Series

  1. VPC Fundamentals
  2. VPC Fundamentals – Hands on Demo
  3. VPC Firewalls
  4. VPC Firewalls – Hands on Demo
  5. Elastic Load Balancing
  6. Elastic Load Balancing – Hands on Demo
  7. VPC High Availability
  8. VPC High Availability – Hands on Demo
  9. Linking VPCs in AWS
  10. Linking VPCs in AWS – Hands on Demo
  11. VPC to on-premises VPN
  12. VPC to on-premises VPN – Hands on Demo
  13. Transit Gateway
  14. Transit Gateway – Hands on Demo
  15. VPC to on-premises Direct Connect
  16. VPC to on-premises Direct Connect – Hands on Demo
  17. Controlling VPC costs

Build Day TV is regularly published video episodes, usually a series of episodes on a single topic. The second series was our coverage of the Oracle Cloud VMware Service (OCVS). The latest series is about the VMware SD-WAN solution, formerly known as Velocloud.

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