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All-In Public Cloud for Backup

Born in the cloud companies approach problem-solving differently to on-premises software companies, so Druva looks at the world differently to other enterprise backup vendors. One difference is the expectation that infrastructure is rented from cloud providers, rather than purchased from … Continue reading

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Keeping the HSM Dream Alive

Way back in the 1990s I was involved in managing large numbers of Windows file servers, as a central repository of business data. These file servers grew and grew over time, more and more files stored. Many organizations now have … Continue reading

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Vendor Briefing – Zadara

Enterprise storage delivered on-premises or in the cloud, as a service where you pay only for what you use. That is my one-sentence summary for Zadara. We know that storage management is hard, and multi-cloud storage management is very hard. … Continue reading

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On-Premises to Cloud-Native Storage

While I’m teaching the course “Architecting on AWS,” one of the central themes is that the highest value comes from using the specific capabilities of AWS services. Directly uploading your software into EC2 instances is unlikely to give you a … Continue reading

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