VCP4-DT, VMware Certified Professional 4 – Desktop

I sat and passed the VCP4-DT exam yesterday.

The exam was good, a 90 minute exam of 70 multiple choice questions.  I finished in my usual sort of time (1/3 of the time allowed) and got a good pass.  The questions were as usual in the VCP level exams, implementation through to operation without a lot of design.  Minima, Maxima and supporting version requirements were present, although not a large part of the question set I got.

Going through the exam blueprint and studying up any area you’re not comfortable with is essential.  I hadn’t implemented Kiosk mode so my last minute study of the product documentation paid off in the room.

Top tip to prepare for the exam, attend the View Install, Configure, Manage course.  It goes over most of the areas in the exam.  The course isn’t mandatory for the exam, just a well structure coverage of most of the material that will be in the exam.  Having taught the course four time so far this year I can tell you it’s a great course and well aligned to the exam, I didn’t need a lot more study time.

If you can’t get to a course then your own lab is a must, I did most of my product familiarisation on my main lab but I have run enough vSphere to have View on my laptop.

As a reminder, in order to achieve VCP4-DT you need to already hold VCP4 and VCA-DT certifications.

The other thing to know is that the Pearson VUE website currently lists the VCP4-DT exam as “Comming Soon”, it is here now and you can book it once you’re authorised by VMware.

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