VMware Cloud Infrastructure Launch

If you didn’t already know, VMware made their biggest launch ever on Wednesday.  I got to spend some time discussing it with Michael Warrilow and posted that podcast on Wednesday night.

The blogosphere and twitterverse are full of discussion about what was launched, mostly about vRAM based licensing and whether it’s good or bad.  I suggest you do the math on your environment, total the memory allocated to every running VM and compare it to the entitled RAM you would have under the new model.  Remember to count every CPU license anywhere in your environment and multiply by the entitlement per CPU for the edition of vSphere.  Most customers will find that they have more than adequate vRAM entitlement, but those with huge ratios of RAM to CPU sockets may need to buy more licenses.

Don’t let the vRAM question be the only thing you think about, there are some huge benefits in vSphere 5.  Autodeploy, large LUN support and storage DRS are clear winners for larger customers, massive VM support will enable some holdout workloads to be virtualised.  The vSphere Storage Appliance will be very welcome in the medium business area and all vSphere Advanced S&S customers are getting Enterprise upgrades at no additional cost.

Next week the APAC Virtualisation Podcast will be hosted by Rodos who will have Jason Kiely from VMware on the line to discuss the new product versions an features.  You will have a week to digest and consider, then bring your best questions for clarification.

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