HP Tech Day Begins

I’m in Ft Collins Colorado for an HP Storage Tech Day.  This is my first sponsored community event and when Calvin Zito invited me I jumped at the chance to be here.  Getting to spend a couple of days surrounded by other people involved in the Tech community as a wonderful thing, throw in some access to specific tech and hands on time and you’ve got a winning formula.

I won’t go into the people, take a look over the list on Calvin’s blog post but as I have found the community are the people I like to hang out with.  One that I did want to call out was a great concept I heard at breakfast.  Derek is part of the team organising Tech on Tap, advanced technical training sessions that happen on the weekend at a Brew pub.  What could be better than a group of tech guys learning advanced tech whilst drinking craft beer!

Hopefully I’ll be able to tear myself away from the conversations in order to post some more of my experiences, now it’s time to head for the bus to the HP site.


Disclosure: HP paid my travel and accommodation expenses for me to attend Tech Day.  Thanks HP.

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