AutoLab 1.5 released, vSphere 5.5 and vSAN

It’s funny what motivates you. Last week I was at Virtualization Field Day 3 in San Jose. These events are where I hang out with my tribe and talk virtualization. Over beer one evening we were talking about AutoLab and I was vigorously encouraged to ship the vSphere 5.5 build of AutoLab even though the documentation wasn’t updated. Now that I’m home I’ve spent my evenings getting the documentation fixed, after an awesome week last week it didn’t take me long to get the docs together.

AutoLab v1.5 is available for download on the AutoLab home page. It supports vSphere 5.5 as well as the current versions of View. In order to let you play with vSAN there are now three ESXi VMs and they have a disk tagged as SSD as well as another disk. Setting up VSAN on AutoLab is easy (provided you put the license key in). Keep in mind that you’re really only looking at the interface to VSAN, you’d need to do some funny things to make it perform like a real VSAN.

If you are new to AutoLab then make sure to read the deployment guide. If you have used AutoLab before it works the same, just be aware that the ESXi VMs now have 4GB RAM configured, so that ESXi 5.5 will install. To fit on an 8GB physical you will need to reduce each ESXi to 2GB after install.

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  1. Awesome work Al.

    Autolab really helped with my VCAP-DCA last year. Looking forward to what I can achieve this year with the help of Autolab.

    Thanks heaps for all the work you put into it for everyone else.

    And thanks to Infinio for their support of the VMware community.

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