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As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I am now offering my own workshops. The first workshop is for people who work with vSphere but mostly care about what is inside the VMs. This workshop is for support and admin teams who need to know how vSphere works. This is a great place to start learning about virtualization and working with VMs. We will look at what VMs are, how to use VM features effectively and how to avoid problems with VMs. The areas covered are all about operating in a virtualized environment.


A central feature of these workshops is that they do not have fixed content; we cover what the people in the room need. I usually cover the basics of virtualization and what a VM is along with fundamental VM operations. If your team needs to know more about Snapshots we will spend more time there. If we need to dig into how networking is setup on vSphere then we will go there. There aren’t a lot of slides but there will be a whiteboard and a lot of discussion.

The other central feature is hands on time, actually using a vSphere environment and seeing the results of the changes you make. When we come across questions like “what happens if I ….” then we do that thing in the lab. Unlike a production environment we have full access and don’t mind breaking things. We can see things like how vSphere HA works and what happens on datastores when we take snapshots.

I like to keep the workshop groups small, to make it easy to have a conversation. Usually three to eight attendees makes for a good workshop, enough for a conversation and small enough that everyone takes part. This workshop is usually two days long and I can deliver the workshop where you are, even in a smaller town. If this workshop sounds like something that would help your team then drop me an email For a look at where and when I am available take a look at my schedule page. I can run the workshop at your office, or at an offsite training centre. The attendees can all be from your company or a couple of companies can be combined into a single workshop. For more details there is an outline document for this workshop here and outlines of all my workshops here.

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