Wrapping up some workshops

This week I am at home in Tauranga, a little rest between my September trip to US VMUGs and my October trip to VeeamOn and VMworld EMEA.

I spent the first three days of the week running vSphere and SRM workshops for a local IT organization. The workshops are a lot of fun as I can cover any ground that the group wants. This week the group was drawn from some long time users of VMware products. No  need to cover deploying from templates or what snapshots are. We spent a fair amount of time looking at storage design and network configuration. We also looked at NUMA architecture in modern servers and how that impacts VM configuration.

The SRM part was interesting, it seems to have been deployed a bit but often not maintained. At one point VMs were protected but when vCentre was upgraded SRM was dropped because the guy who understood SRM had left.  To me this points to a need for education, which I’m happy to fill. But also a lack of management commitment to SRM as a DR product.

A really nice thing is that the workshop was so popular that I’ll be running it again in Tauranga when I get back from Barcelona.

If you have a virtualization team and would like to help them improve their skills I can come to you and run workshops. Take a look at my Workshop page and email me to book in a date.

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