Tech Field Day Standard Disclaimer

Looking at my recent pre-TFD11 posts I realised that I needed a better way to do a disclaimer. So here is my extensive disclaimer for Tech Field Day events.

Tech Field Day (TFD) is a commercial activity for TFD and the presenting companies. When I attend TFD events my travel and accommodation expenses are usually paid for by TFD. At the events, most of my meals are provided by TFD. In addition, the companies that present at TFD usually give the delegates gifts. At TFD the presenting companies engage with delegates to educate us about their products and services. The smart companies also want to learn from delegates (a few are very smart about this). The aim of the event is to help the presenting companies connect with delegates. Ultimately get the company’s message spread by delegates. Usually, delegates will write about some or all of the presenting companies.

Neither the TFD staff nor the presenting companies get to review what the delegates write. There is no obligation on delegates to write about any or all presenters. Nor is there an obligation to write nice things about presenters. In fact, the greatest expectation is that delegates will be honest in any writing that they do.

This ( is my personal blog. Everything I write here is my thoughts and opinions.  None of it is reviewed by the organisations I write about before publication. Some of the content is about companies that pay me to write, they still don’t get to review or dictate what I write here. Occasionally I get corrections from the companies I write about and may incorporate the parts I agree with into my posts here.

© 2016, Alastair. All rights reserved.

About Alastair

I am a professional geek, working in IT Infrastructure. Mostly I help to communicate and educate around the use of current technology and the direction of future technologies.
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