Vendor Briefing – Robin Systems

Today’s briefing was with Robin Systems.

Their pitch is around Application Defined Datacenters. It is an interesting focus since SDDC is usually all about the software that runs the data center and less about the applications that deliver value to the business.

They have a software product that automates a lot of the application lifecycle and adds it’s own persistent storage for containers. The storage software seems to be a large part of the product, it includes QoS settings for applications. The actual storing of data uses local SSD or hard disks in the compute nodes as well as some AWS storage. All the storage is pooled and has tiering and that QoS I mentioned. The compute capacity is also pooled, making this sort of a hyperconverged platform for containers.

The real proof is in what the product does for real customers with real applications, there are are few references on the website. Being the week before VMworld I’m not going to get a chance to dig deeper. Luckily we will also be able to hear about Robin Systems at Cloud Field Day next month, or at Oracle OpenWorld.

I get briefings from a few vendors each month. I’m going to try to share my immediate impressions as I get off the phone with each company in short blog posts. This is obviously the first of these posts.

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