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I last talked to Atlantis Computing at Virtualization Field Day 3 in 2014, at the time that they were releasing their USX data platform. I read about the release of their HyperConverged platform, HyperScale in 2015. HyperScale is a software HCI that is delivered on top of a very restricted list of partner hardware. There were four hardware partners and each essentially offered two all-flash configurations. One at 12TB and the other 24TB capacity per node. I missed the announcement this year of a ROBO scale version, 4TB and the addition of Dell as a partner.

One of the nice things about the Atlantis HCI is that you can integrate with Atlantis USX on other hardware. This is a good way to either extend your existing hardware into your new HCI deployment. Or migrate your VMs off your existing hardware and onto Atlantis HyperScale. This integration and migration stuff is not what most HCI vendors want to talk about, and is a real benefit of a software HCI product. This process of migrating onto an HCI platform can be very time-consuming and may have its own restrictions if you don’t already have 10GBE in use.

The new stuff that was in the briefing is not yet announced, expect to hear interesting things from Atlantis over the next month. Maybe even at one of the conferences that are running next week. When that part becomes public I may have some more to say about Atlantis.

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