My Writing in January

January is summer here in New Zealand, our holiday season starts with Christmas and school is out until early February. Traditionally almost nothing happens in New Zealand during January. Certainly nothing business related. Despite this, I wrote a few articles here in January, a sure sign that I wasn’t traveling. In addition, I wrote on TechTarget and TVP, as usual.

I wrote about preparing to deploy HCI in Streamline your implementation of hyper-converged technologies. This is about things that happen after you commit to HCI.

I also wrote about some of the changes in positioning that VMware is doing with its cloud architectures in Is Hybrid DMZ Reference Designs for vCloud Air what it claims to be?

I am a  little cynical about IT as a science in enterprises, I thin it is more of a craft. No Matter How Many Tools You Have, IT Is Practised by People.

I also had some thoughts on HPE buying SimpliVity. HPE’s HCI Just Got Real: It Bought SimpliVity. I really hope that my friends are treated well by HPE, they worked hard to make SimpliVity what it was before it was acquired.

Today I wrapped up my first training course fo O’Reilly media. It was two half days of live online training and was all about operating in a vSphere environment. I will be teaching the course again every couple of months for a while. The next one is in April and is starting to fill up. These courses are free to attend for subscribers to Safari Books. I am also planning to develop some more courses. Maybe a performance tuning course or some deep dives into VMware technologies.

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