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April is already over, that is a bit hard to believe yet I know why it has passed so fast. It was a very busy month. I spent the first week in Houston with HPE. We ran the first vBrownBag Build Day with their HC380 hyperconverged platform. We showed you the end user customer experience of deploying the HC380 and migrating an existing workload onto the platform.

On TechTarget, I had a huge amount published. I wrote about the need for operations teams to understand container technologies. I also wrote a procedural article about deploying your first vSphere Integrated Containers environment.

And shared some thoughts on what the AWS S3 issues mean for DR products that use cloud services. As well as considering how using DRaaS may have unexpected costs if you haven’t considered some consequences of using this model.

I also looked some more at policy-based management, which I think will be a standard practice in a few years.

The Buyer’s Guide to VDI Management and Monitoring is being published, articles on what features to expect and how to evaluate products. I also wrote about the complexity of upgrading a VDI environment.

A new and fun format was a quick guide to setting up a basic lab for learning DevOps tools and methods. I will be interested to see how often my GitHub repo gets cloned by people following along.

Over on TVP, I wrote about the different way that hyperscalers operate compared to Enterprise IT. I also expanded on my thoughts about serverless on-premises, it really is only one aspect of developer enablement and not sufficient by itself. Another thought that I have had for a while is that the biggest benefits of Hyperconverged aren’t really from clustering local storage inside hypervisor hosts. The real benefits of HCI can often be had without using an HCI product. This article is about the physical aspects, the next one will be about the policy-based management that I am so keen on.

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