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We are back in the conference season, as I write this I have been back from VMworld USA for three days and will be leaving for VMworld EMEA in the morning. The TechTalks have taken a big step up this year, sessions are listed in the Schedule Builder application and Content Catalog. The result is nice, live audiences, where previously the audiences were sparse at best. The US TechTalks are all posted in this playlist on YouTube, the EMEA ones will be added as they are made.

That is a roundabout way of saying that I had lots going on and didn’t post about the other things I wrote in July and am surprised I’m writing this now.

Over on TechTarget I continued my series on using VMware Integrated Containers but ran into some significant issues. It seems that not all container platforms are created equal. By the way, did you see any Photon Platform or VIC announcements at VMworld? Maybe in Barcelona.

I also looked at whether a new breed of Workspace products can replace a VDI for some customers. There do seem to be benefits from a lighter infrastructure for desktop delivery.

On SearchVMware I covered some of the decisions around choosing the right media for your VSAN deployment. As with all storage it really does matter what sort of disk or flash you use.

For SearchDataBackup I looked at some of the important but not obvious questions to ask about cloud based backups. I also looked at aligning backup frequency to business needs, rather than simply IT policy.

A friend of mine has replaced a large amount of a Converged Infrastructure stack with an equally large amount of HyperConvereged Infrastructure. I ask him why and got a story of simplification.

Finally, I dug into using NSX and Kubernetes with a DevOps focus to deliver more agility and support microservices based deployments.

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