Cohesity DataPlatform Virtual Edition Deployment Walk Through Video

I’ve just started working with Cohesity and have made a video of my first deployment of the Cohesity DataPlatform Virtual Edition. I had been through the OVA deployment and configuration, but this was my first ever hands-on time with the Cohesity UI, and I had not watched or read any other walk-through. I was impressed, I deployed the appliance, backed up two VMs and completed one whole VM restore, and two file level restores in under an hour elapsed time. The video is about half that length; I sped up quite a few places where I was waiting for data movement. You can find the video here on my Notes for Engineers YouTube channel.

I was impressed that the user interface is straightforward to work with and is focused on routine tasks, protection and recovery are both front and center. The opening screen after logging onto the appliance has plenty of useful information for at-a-glance status and health.

In the coming months, I will spend quite a bit more time with the Cohesity product, learning and sharing what I learn with you. I do want to spend some time looking at the data management features and how Public Cloud is impacting the use of products like Cohesity.

Disclosure: This post is part of my work with Cohesity.

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