Cohesity Adds Imanis for More Cloud-native

Hopefully, you understand that cloud-native applications have very different architecture and different databases compared to traditional enterprise applications. There are now modern enterprise applications, which use cloud-native services and databases alongside traditional application constructs. We also see more enterprises having parts of their estate in the public cloud and using cloud-native services. Hybrid cloud is not merely using both on-premises and cloud services, but also often has a melding of cloud-native and enterprise techniques. Against that backdrop, it makes a lot of sense for enterprise data protection platforms to add cloud-native data protection. Cohesity buying Imanis Data adds non-relational database protection to the platform.

Disclosure: This post is part of my work with Cohesity.

I had a briefing with Imanis in the middle of 2018, well before the acquisition. Imanis’s mission was to offer enterprise data management for Hadoop and No-SQL data. Their platform is software-only and uses a scale-out architecture. It provides a distributed file system with deduplication and compression, it protects data using API based access, rather than agents. So far, so good, so what? The exciting part for me is data awareness and the use of machine learning in the platform. Data awareness means that the Imanis platform knows about the data structures inside the databases and can use this to aid migration and do analytics on the protected data. I particularly liked that the analytics include ransomware detection, a role that I think backup products are ideally placed to fulfill.

I saw Imanis again when Cohesity unveiled their app store. You can deploy Imanis directly onto your Cohesity cluster and use the Cohesity scale-out storage for Imanis. It appears that Cohesity will continue to sell Imanis as a stand-alone product, as well as more integration into the Cohesity platform. I hope that we see the integration of the Cohesity policy based back into Imanis. I want to apply the same protection policy to the parts of my application that reside in VMs and cloud-native data stores. Cohesity continues to expand the coverage for their data protection, covering Enterprise platforms, Outlook 365, and now cloud-native databases. The aim is clearly to be a one-stop-shop for data protection and management in enterprises and particularly support multi-cloud organizations.

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