Cohesity Relieves NAS Space Stress

File servers (or NAS) with disks that fill up are a constant problem in any organization. Twenty years ago, I spent more than a few weekends swapping to larger hard drives in physical file servers. Now that those file servers are virtual, the virtual disks can grow until a datastore is full, then a SAN LUN needs to be made larger, and it is still a lot of work and a lot of money to store a lot of data, often of questionable value. If you are suffering from overloaded file servers, then you might want to look at a couple of ways that Cohesity can help.

Disclosure: This post is part of my work with Cohesity.

The first way is that Cohesity offers a scale-out multi-protocol NAS platform. I made a video walking through creating a NAS share on my Cohesity cluster, and you can also take a look at Theresa Miller’s video here. Cohesity is more than just a scale-out NAS; this video outlines some of the value add offered by smart files and applications that run directly on the Cohesity cluster.

The second way that Cohesity can help is by migrating older (less frequently accessed) files off your file servers or NAS appliances, onto the Cohesity cluster. This is what I was talking about in my post on reviving the HSM dream. You can get more details from this video that Mike Letschin recorded.

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