Build Day TV with VMware SD-WAN

As I’m sure you know, VMware has been making a big move into networking in the last few years. The acquisition of VeloCloud in 2017 added WAN capabilities to the data center networking of NSX, from the Nicira acquisition in 2012. I learned a lot about the newly renamed VMware SD-WAN solution when we did a Build Day TV series last year. I remembered from the original news, that there is custom on-premises hardware (Edge device) and a cloud-based management platform (Orchestrator). The element that I was not aware of is the forwarding plane (Gateway) that can be a shared service cloud platform operated by VMware or enabled on a high spec Edge device and can be augmented with distributed peer-to-peer connections amongst Edge devices. As you probably know, I like policy-based management and the VMware SD-WAN is all about policies that are applied to groups of Edge devices while still allowing overrides and location-specific configuration for each device. There are a few more advanced use-cases covered too; using an AWS EC2 instance as an edge to provide SD-WAN into your VPC and using cloud on on-Edge device network security services.

Here’s the list of Build Day TV videos where Rohan Naggi explains the solution and implementation to Jeffrey and me.

The beginners Guide to VMware SD-WAN

Unbox and Set Up VMware SD-WAN Locations

Cloud VPN and Routing of Your VMware SD-WAN

VMware SD-WAN Application Performance

Intrinsic Security with VMware SD-WAN

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