Missing Meals with My Teams

I wrote before about New Zealand being like a boy in a bubble, we are still in our bubble. The hardest thing is that most of my friends and clients are not in this bubble. Since most of my work is for companies and with people outside New Zealand, I have been doing a lot more remote work and missing my previous life. What I really miss are the week-long projects from the last eight years. Projects I organize like vBrownBag TechTalks and Build Day Live events or ones that I attend like Tech Field Day. These projects, where a small team travels, assemble, and then works hard for a week before dissolving back to real life, have been a part of my world since 2011 and have stopped since travel became restricted. I really miss the excitement of a time-limited shared objective. Being an introvert by nature, I am comfortable being at home with Tracey and our cats. I simply miss the shared objective and short project team. Hopefully this year we will see widespread vaccination and the end of the requirement for our New Zealand bubble. Maybe I will get to share meals with my short term project teams, I really hope so.

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