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Demitasse is Alastair Cooke, the company was  formed in July 2006 as I returned to self-employed contracting, it is a one man company where I am the owner and the product. Demitasse is based in the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand however most of my work life involves travel away to where there are more people, usually in New Zealand or Australia but sometimes further like to USA or Europe.

These are my core services, get in touch of you’d like to hire me for any of these:

  • Customized training workshops
    • I can customize a workshop for your team. Focus can be  VMware operations, SRM or View for example. Workshop outlines are here.
  • Consultancy
    • I deliver health checks and assistance with short-term projects.
  • Writing
    • I have written over a hundred articles publish on TechTarget as well as whitepapers, I keep a list here.
    • I write analytical articles for the Virtualization Practise
  • Video content creation
    • Through vBrownBag, my own Notes4Engineers site or your website I specialise in helping the implementer of the technology.

I keep my schedule on this page so you can see when I’m available, or nearby.

Community is important to me, so I’m involved in a few community activities:

  • vBrownBag Podcast
    • Voted the best VMware podcast, we focus on skills. Helping you get the skills you need to be better at virtualization. Lately we’ve started looking at Networking and Storage a lot more as that is also being virtualized.
  • vBrownBag TechTalks
    • Bringing the community voice back to conferences. We produce short educational videos by the community for the community at conferences. So far we cover VMworld and the OpenStack Summit. Look for us at other conferences and sign up to share your experience.
  • AutoLab
    • The AutoLab is a kit of automation to build a nested vSphere lab. It lets you use one PC to make your own vSphere lab and enables rapid build and rebuild. A great tool to help you prepare for certification.

You can contact me as alastair@demitasse.co.nz or on +64(21)2244588

Follow me on twitter DemitasseNZ or link on LinkedIn

11 Responses to About Demitasse

  1. Sim says:

    Hi Alastair,

    Do you have a twitter account?


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  7. We are interested in arranging a VMware Trainer for, hopefully, regular training at our Training Centre here in Palmerston North. http://www.advantage.co.nz/training. To start with we are looking at scheduling the following courses.
    – vSphere Optimize and Scale v5.5
    – VMware vSphere: Skills for Operators v5.5

  8. AtomBoom says:

    Hello there-

    Firstly, great news about your new endeavor. Hopefully it’s as rewarding as you had imagined.

    Secondly, what options are available, these days, go AutoLab support? Given that, it seems to have been developed for learning, it should be expected that the primary user base would be VMware novices. Although, it would be great practice to troubleshoot issue we encounter, it can sometimes become frustrating, especially in cases where it would be divergent. Are we now left to either “figure it out” ourselves, or select other pay options

    Thanks for any input.

  9. Alastair says:

    AutoLab support is handled by a team of volunteers on our subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/AutoLab/

  10. AtomBoom says:

    Thanks so very much!!! I’m sure that I can find the answers to my questions in these forums. I’m loving this lab and hope to be able to practice all that I learned in class. Then… certification!

    Thanks, again.

  11. A . Carty says:

    We are in the mist of migrating from VMware ESXI 5.5 to ESXI 6.7 . As an intermediator step we had to migrate our environment to ESXI 6.5. We recently came across an issue where two of my production VM’s became inaccessible after the host lost power. I searched for weeks until I came across your article “Removing Orphaned VMs from the vSphere 6.5 Web Client” I Just wants to thank you for a well written article. It was very helpful to me and resolved a major issue for us. Cheers mate!

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