TechTalks by vBrownBags at VMworld

Ever since the VMworld session acceptance and rejection emails came out we’ve been working on helping people whose sessions were rejected an opportunity to present.  Today the vBrownBag team are delighted to announce that together with the VMware communities team there will be TechTalks at VMworld USA.

We will be recording these in the studio in the hang space and broadcasting them live as well as posting them for viewing later.  The main sessions will be a Lightning talk format, ten minutes long to distil the essence of your chosen topic.  This way we can get a lot of sessions into the limited time. 

The signup form is here on Google docs  and we’re really hoping to be able to give a platform to everyone with good technical content.

Like the vBrownBags we’re looking for technical content that will help other people with something virtualization related.

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I am a professional geek, working in IT Infrastructure. Mostly I help to communicate and educate around the use of current technology and the direction of future technologies.
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