Revving up for VMworld

It’s less than a month until VMworld in San Francisco and there’s some serious excitement building. 

This morning was the first allocation of tickets to the VMunderground party, this was one of my two favourite parties at VMworld last year. A opportunity to talk to several hundred VMware enthusiasts while in a room with beer and food sounds like a great evening to me.   The other party was Christopher Kusek’s which was much further under the radar.

My selection criteria for parties is fairly simple, I want to be able to talk to people.  I’m not worried about the band or the other entertainment and oddly I don’t want to stay out all night drinking free cocktails.

Another thing that’s getting exciting is the Tech Talks powered by vBrownBag.  These are short sessions broadcast from the communities lounge and recorded for future generations.  The aim is to allow more people to have their material heard, particularly those of us whose VMworld session proposals didn’t make the cut. I will be spending a lot of time helping the rest of the vBrownBag crew to make these happen and learning a huge amount along the way.

The final thing that’s getting exciting about VMworld is the ProfessionalVMware and vBrownBag swag that we will be giving away.  Cody Bunch has been organising this and it’s shaping up to be the “must have” swag. Be sure to find a vBrownBag crew member to get yours, if we haven’t already given them away.

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  1. d_ says:

    ssshhh.. this will just make getting tickets to these events harder. and less chance i’ll win an ipad/galaxy S3. and i _really_ need a new phone.

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