Veeam sponsor AutoLab

That’s right, you heard it here first.  I am delighted to announce that Veeam has agreed to sponsor the AutoLab.  This is great for the development of the AutoLab and ultimately the users of the AutoLab. Please head over to Veeam’s site and take a look at their awesome products, if you weren’t aware recent releases include more free functionality than ever before as well as awesome reasons to buy the full licensed product.

One of the results is that I didn’t need to choose between going to VMworld and buying a new AutoLab development system, I can do both.  While I’m thinking about Veeam and VMworld they are doing a heap of cool stuff. Take a look at their VMworld 2012 with Veeam page and definitely check out their Dream Home Lab giveaway, that would definitely be worth the excess baggage charge to bring home.

Very shortly the AutoLab v1.0 build will be released, this is a huge increase in the capability of the AutoLab with Veeam products as well as View and vCloud being added to the list of things you can test, trial, learn about and demonstrate using the AutoLab.

Once again, thanks to my friends at Veeam for supporting the community and the AutoLab.

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