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This is a preparation blog post before I travel to Boston for Tech Field Day 11. You can find more information about Tech Field Day, the other presenters, and the other delegates here on the TFD website.

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Disclosure: TFD are paying my airfare and accommodation to attend TFD11. I’m sure there will be gifts and catering from the presenters and TFD while we’re there. Everything I write about what I learn at TFD will be my opinion and will not be reviewed by TFD or the presenters. There is also no obligation or expectation that I will write about any or all of the presenters.

Starting with the financial side, there is no financial detail on the Crunchbase listing for Netwrix. What is does tell use is that they were founded in mid 2006 and have over 100 staff.

Netwrix seem to have a single product family which is their Auditor platform. The platform includes audit components for on premises like NetApp & EMC storage, Exchange, SharePoint, VMware and Active Directory. It also includes auditing for Office 365 and these same applications when deployed on Azure. I am expecting that this includes SQL Azure and the SharePoint component of Office 365. The auditing appears to have reporting for compliance for a number of regimes like PCI DSS, HIPPA and SOX.

I haven’t done a lot of work in audit and compliance-heavy industries for a while, so don’t have a lot of thoughts on this. My main thought is that it looks like a nice hybrid cloud audit & compliance tool. We will definitely need more high-level management tools that unify hybrid cloud environments for companies. I did see that Netwrix recently made their auditor product available through the AWS marketplace. I didn’t see AWS listed on the front page of the Netwrix site, but there is a plugin available. I’m interested to see whether this integrates information from AWS own CloudTrail audit product. Netwrix audit products are heavily Microsoft-centric, so Azure is the natural cloud platform. On the other hand AWS is a way larger cloud platform, so should be a core part of and hybrid cloud visibility product.



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