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This is a preparation blog post before I travel to Boston for Tech Field Day 11. You can find more information about Tech Field Day, the other presenters, and the other delegates here on the TFD web site.

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Disclosure: TFD are paying my airfare and accommodation to attend TFD11. I’m sure there will be gifts and catering from the presenters and TFD while we’re there. Everything I write about what I learn at TFD will be my opinion and will not be reviewed by TFD or the presenters. There is also no obligation or expectation that I will write about any or all of the presenters.

Zerto is an Israeli company, with its US head office in Boston. Crunchbase reports that they were founded in 2009 and have raised $110M in six rounds. The latest round was $50M in January this year. This cash injection suggests that they plan to do something big. Bigger than running their first dedicated conference that was last month in Boston.

Zerto’s challenge at TFD is that their product does what it says on the tin. They can replicate VMs from one data centre to another and failover the VMs between data centres. The product works with different hypervisors and with on-premises or public cloud. They even offer a DR as a Service product that is sold to cloud providers & who then sell it as their own DRaaS product to their customers. These are all great and useful things, they are what makes Zerto great. But at TFD the problem is the wow factor. We are very used to the Zerto products simply doing what customers need. To have an impact at TFD Zerto needs to show us something very new, ideally something that we have never seen. For Zerto, it would mean moving into a new field or new class of products. I hope the large round of funding in January does mean that they are doing something surprising and new. We shall see.

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