A Phase Complete, Learning about Cohesity

Today marks the end of me documenting my journey of documenting my learning about Cohesity, so I thought it might be useful to recap some of the things I learned. Probably the most significant thing is that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Making a product that is easy to use for complex requirements requires focus; it is easy to get caught up in the minute details and end up missing the ease of use. With Cohesity, I found that features are easy to use, and the amount of time I spent with the Cohesity console was less than I expected. I liked that I could reuse the Protection Policies across different data sources. Even restores are simple due to the universal search feature, especially helpful when users only know the name of a file, not where the directory where they saved it before deleting their important version. I also found a lot of breadth in Cohesity; for a single product company, the product does a lot fo different things. Data protection, as well as data storage with protection. Protection for VMs, SaaS (Office365), and protection for physical servers. I barely scratched the surface of using the Public Cloud with Cohesity since I only used AWS as storage expansion for my Cohesity cluster. I haven’t done their migration from on-premises, DevOps integration or DR to the cloud. You can find all of the videos and blog posts about my Cohesity learning experience on my Cohesity page.

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