Passing the VCP exam

I talked to Callum Russell, Senior Marketing Manager AP for VMware, yesterday about the low number of people sitting the VCP exam and the low pass rate.
Worldwide about a third of the people who attend the VI3 Install and Configure course sit the exam, of those only half pass the exam. These statistics worry me (and VMware).
I know I’ve taught around a hundred people the course and so far I’ve only heard from about six that have passed the exam, all of them passed it well. But what about the other ninety plus students?
I’d love to hear from any students (not just from my course) who have sat the exam and not passed, is there anything more we need to cover in the course?

Also to repeat what I say in the class, the class is not complete preparation for the exam, you also need to read and understand the Install & upgrade guide, the Basic admin guide and the Server Config guide. These are long guides but they don’t have as much material as appears at first glance.

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