Eric Sloof’s MKS Client

One of the blogs I’ve been following lately is Eric Sloof’s.  Eric is a fellow VCI who must have been having some time off between courses in the last few months.  His Blog has covered a number of tools that assist access to VMFS datastores and the VMDK files within.

More recently Eric has caught the coding bug and written  some useful tools, tonight I’ve been taking a quick at Eric’s alternative to using the Web Interface to manage VMs.  He has coded a Mouse Keyboard Screen Client and is actively adding features.  It’s a cool little tool that currently does MKS, full screen console and power control.  When it does CDROM and Floppy redirection and (optional) integrated authentication then it’ll be a real killer for giving VM owners control.

By the way I am now in my new office with desk and chair, just waiting for the sparky to come and finish the permanent wiring.

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