Are your VMs running slow after 3.5 upgrade? Do you have DRS?

I was worried about the health of my VMs after I upgraded (rebuilt, not an in-place, never in-place upgrade) to ESX3.5 and VC 2.5.

My VC VM was using 100% cpu and my VI client connections were timing out, also my SBS server VM was sluggish.

After a while I Googled 100% CPU and VC 2.5 and ended up with the VMwareWolf, his post told me just what was wrong and how to fix it.  After applying the vpxd.cfg fix listed at the end of the VMware KB article my VMs are running well and I’m ready to start teaching the VI3.5 version of the Install and Config course.

  • Good news, this issue is resolved in VC 2.5 Update 1

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