Relocating VUM Patch store

I’d been meaning to write this post for ages, then I found Scott Lowe had linked to Gabe’s Virtual World where Gabe posted an outline in January of how to relocate the VUM patch store.

The patch store is a directory structure that holds the patches that VUM has downloaded for the systems in your Virtual Infrastructure.  As you’d imagine it grows in size over time & can get quite large if you have a diverse range of operating systems in your VI.

When installed automatically with Virtual Centre the default the patch store is in the "All Users" profile on the system disk of your Virtual Centre server, it’s quite a good idea to put it on another partition where it’s growth won’t cause any issues. 

If you do a custom install of VUM then you get to choose a disk to hold the patch store and the installer complains if it is less than 18GB in size.

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