VCP4 Exam

I finally sat the VCP410 exam this week, it took all day as I had to drive 200km each way to a testing centre.  The local one where I did the VCP2 & VCP3 exams doesn’t do Pearson VUE exams any more.

Overall the exam was quite tough, lots of detail oriented questions where you need to know supported versions and amounts. 

As preparation I’d suggest you start with either Scott Vessey’s blog post  or Simon Long’s which Scott links.  There is a lot of documentation to study and try to remember.

I didn’t do a lot of preparation  specifically for the exam, but was happy with a score just under 400, I needed 350 to retain VCI instructor status.

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2 Responses to VCP4 Exam

  1. Daragh Naughton says:

    Congrats Al!

    Seemed like an ordeal alright! I sat the Beta exam on July 14th and just got my result tonight when I logged into the VUE site – and passed!

    I only had to drive an hour each way to the testing center, but the 4hour beta exam was gruelling.

    Hope all well there, I’m scheduled to be in NZ at beginning of Nov, but not sure whether I can go yet. Will let you know if Im going to be in the area.

  2. Ajay Nabh says:

    Hi Al

    just an FYI, I passed exam last week. your student in march 2007 batch


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