Windows XP and 7 under View 4.0.1

I’ve been playing with a non-persistent Windows 7 Desktop pool under View 4.0.1 for a while and was struggling to get PCoIP to behave in Multi monitor mode.  It turns out the VMware SVGA video driver  for Windows 7 doesn’t do Multi-monitor, so not getting multi-monitor was expected.  Looking forward to the next release which should make Windows 7 support production ready.


My new Windows XP non-persistent pool works fine with PCoIP multi Monitor, in fact it’s “fast as bro”.  It’s also very lean because I’ve ThinApped most of the applications I use, so WinXP stays very clean.


I’m doing non-persistent pools because at some stage every View desktop that’s a linked clone will loose it’s uniqueness.  So it’s better that this happens every time the user logs off, rather than being a surprise when it happens occasionally.  I have roaming profiles and folder redirection to take care of some user uniqueness, but I’m looking forward to the integration of the RTO FlexProfiles functions into the next release of View.


ThinApp 4.5 is a nice advance on the previous version, the main add is Windows 7 support.  This allows me to capture applications on my baseline system (Windows XP with SP2) and run the captured application on more modern OS.  I use a very old baseline as some of the places I travel to may not have a more recent machine.  This afternoon I captured about eight different applications, including Office 2007, Visio, Outlook, Project and a few smaller tools. 

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