APAC Virtualisation Roundtable Podcast Follow-up – Certification edition

We’ve just finished a very popular podcast session, around 30 people in the live recording.  Special guests were the legendary Duncan Epping and the more local and less widely known Andrew Mitchell,   I was just an ordinary guest since I’m there every week.

The two major topics were “VCDX, how and why” and “what did John Hall not quite announce in the VCP brown Bag this morning?”

For the first point I suggest listening to the podcast recording as there was a lot to think about, VCDX may not be what you thought it is.

For the second point VMware have pointed out that no announcement has  been made so anything said is not official and subject to change.

I did want to emphasis the VMware authorised courses that assist with preparation for the upcoming vSphere versions of the Enterprise Administration and Design exams.  They are the vSphere Troubleshooting course and the vSphere Design Workshop respectively.

I taught the Troubleshooting course in Sydney recently and it was much more fun being a student a couple of weeks before than being the instructor.  I recommend attending this course if you want to learn and practise command line troubleshooting.

Next week I’m leading (not teaching, it’s a workshop) the Design Workshop in Wellington.  Really looking forward to the format as it’s all about discussion of possibilities.  This course is the one most closely aligned to VCDX and the design defence.  Duncan was even involved in the course development.  If you can’t make next weeks workshop in Wellington I’m doing one in Auckland next month.

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