Follow-up – APAC Virtualisation Roundtable Podcast Number 15 – PowerShell

A great show thansk to my awesome guests,    Alan Renouf  (@AlanRenouf)     Luc Dekens  (@lucd22)  and   Hal Rottenberg @Halr9000

Lots of links to good places after the break, thanks to Greg Mulholland (@g_mulholland) for providing them in the chat during the podcast

PowerShell Podcasts,  Hal’s Power Scripting Alan & Luc’s Get Scripting

Alan’s Where do I start with PowerShell post is a good place for beginners, as is Hal’s book, the Bible for PowerShell with Virtualisation.  I bought my copy of Hal’s book from the Book depository.  Luc and Alan are working on a new book but it looks like it’ll be next year before you will be able to read it.

Tools for writing PowerShell:

Tune in again on June 16th when Rodney Hayward  (@rodos)will be Andre’s (@andreleibovici) guest to talk cloud, Rodos will undoubtedly have much to say.

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