APAC Virtualization Roundtable – Veeam Team return – Wednesday December 1st

The return of Veeam team members Alex Hooper and Doug Hazelman will make for an interesting time.  Their vPower products have been shipping for a while and have some very interesting uses.  Has backup become exciting?  Sure Backup and Instant VM recovery sound cool, what’s the reality?


The broadcast is LIVE via TALKSHOE.com.

You can participate via web accessing http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/75046.

Title: Veam Team Return
Start Time: Wed 1/12/2010 09:00 PM EST (Sydney Time)
Duration (minutes): 45” – 60”
Call ID: 75046

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Other Time zones:
Perth (Australia) – 6PM
Hong Kong (Hong Kong) – 6PM
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) – 6PM
Tokyo (Japan) – 7PM
Auckland (New Zealand) – 11PM
London (UK) – 10AM

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