vBeers in New Zealand

Years ago one of my managers said she treated her technical teams like a tribe, they need to meet together and have open forums to discuss technical things.  Often infrastructure geeks can’t discuss their work with the people they love without the loved ones falling asleep or telling us to shut up.

The vBeers movement aims to bring the  virtualisation tribe together for these forums.  I’ve had the pleasure of starting this in my home country of New Zealand with vBeers events in both Auckland and Wellington.  Each event attracted about a dozen people who “do” virtualisation and like talking to others who do the same.

I plan to keep organising these events, probably every couple of months in each city.  The hard part is finding a date when I’m sure I’ll be in town.  What this blog, follow @DemitasseNZ on twitter or watch the vBeers web site for updates.

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  1. robert moore says:

    Thanks for organising the vBeers. Was good stuff

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