VMDownUnderground is Go, NetApp joins the sponsors

I’m delighted to announce that NetApp has agreed to sponsor the party before vForum Sydney, joining Veeam in supporting the virtualisation community.

NetApp are well known as a vendor of multi-protocol storage solutions and long time champion of NFS as storage for VMs.

I also associate NetApp with a different philosophy for backups where tape has a minor role and block level and deduplicated storage array snapshots are replicated for off site recovery.  That philosophy plays very well into VMware’s Site Recovery Manager product.

Please join me in welcoming NetApp to the party and take a moment to follow @NetApp or like their FaceBook page.

If you haven’t yet registered do so now, there are only 120 tickets (unless sponsorship doubles again) and they’re going to sell out.

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  1. Buzzy says:

    Hooray!! Nice one NetApp 🙂

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