vExpert 2012

I am honoured to have been returned to VMware’s vExpert program this year.  The program recognises and rewards people who promote and evangelise VMware products above and beyond what is their day job.  For me it is my blogging and podcasting activities, Michael probably the same. For my friends Mark and Craig it is for leading VMUG organisations in their cities. For others it’s participation in the VMware communities discussions.

For me the biggest benefit of vExpert membership is just that, being a member of a community of people who are passionate about virtualisation.  I find these people interesting and fun to be around, that’s why I take part in the wider virtualization community.  Hopefully this year I will be able to be as involved in the big and little community events as I was last year.

The full list of vExerts is at and I’m expecting a lot of twitter chat and blog posts from those who are in. 

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I am a professional geek, working in IT Infrastructure. Mostly I help to communicate and educate around the use of current technology and the direction of future technologies.
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3 Responses to vExpert 2012

  1. Paul says:

    Well done Al. Do you know when nominations for 2013 will start?

  2. Alastair says:

    The program starts early in the calendar year and considers activities in the previous year, keep an eye out Jan/Feb 2013 for the nomination form.

  3. Congratulations Alistair,

    I have enjoyed your technical blogs, and look forward to reading more in the future.

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