HP Discover (plus a discount)

As you will know from my past blog posts I have hooked up with HP’s social media people and been invited to a couple of blogger briefings.  These are a great way to get access to the inside information on some of HPs products and initiatives. 

As an HP customer or partner a great way to access a massive amount of HP’s information is through the HP Discover conference.  HP Discover runs June 4th to 7th in Las Vegas. There are quite a few tracks since HP is a truly massive company.  The track I’d be most interested in is the Converged Infrastructure track and it’s Virtualization Solutions sub track, which has over sixty sessions by itself.

If you’re going to HP Discover and haven’t yet registered then you can use this link to register and the Registration Code “BLOG” to get a $300 discount on the fee.

If you do go to HP Discover and learn something great then please share, maybe join me on the APAC Virtualization podcast to help others who can’t make it to Las Vegas.

Disclosure: I won’t be at HP Discover in Las Vegas this year, but if enough of my readers use the link above to register then I might get costs covered to go to another HP public event.  Also HP are giving some prizes to bloggers who participate in this promotion.  The opinions expressed here are (as always) my own.

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