Unbelievable, VMworld Barcelona vBrownbag Tech Talks

At times it’s hard to believe that these things happen.  It was surreal enough that I got to be part of the vBrownbag Tech Talks at VMworld US in San Francisco and to hang out with Randy Keener doing the Not Supported talks.  Making up and handing out the vBrownbag Swag Bag of Awesomeness was also a pretty cool thing.

Now the unbelievable gets more surreal.  Next Sunday I’ll get on a plane and head for VMworld Europe in Barcelona to repeat the vBrownbag Tech Talks there.  Thanks to Veeam for their sponsorship of the Barcelona Tech Talks and to the invitation from the VMware social media team it’s all on again.

Since everything is so rapidly developing I’m not sure whether any other vBrownbag crew will make it to Europe, it seems that the US vBrownbag crew don’t have passports.

As we did in SF we will have a stage and microphones and cameras, we will have seats for a live local audience and web streaming for a live remote audience.  At the moment it looks like we’ll have four hours of the Lightning Tech Talks covering topics from VDI to designing for operations.  In addition we will have “Not Supported” from William Lam, Duncan Epping and Simon “vTardis” Gallagher.  So far the schedule is full of new material, no repeats of US sessions, so definitely worth watching.  I will have the schedule posted to a document on the VMworld site before the end of the week so you can make plans to take part. Session proposals can still be made using this web page while there are still slots available.

The schedule for the presentations is up on this page, as you will see it’s pleasingly full.  There are still a couple of slots available so there is still time to use the link above.

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