Australian VMUG Conferences – I’ll be there

Now that the summer holiday is over and I’m on my way to Perth for my first paying gig of the year it’s time to look forward.  The first big thing I’m looking forward to is the two Australian VMUG user summits.  I will be there as a speaker, my first time being a speaker at a conference. 

The Sydney Conference is on Tuesday 5th February, I think that I’ll be talking about AutoLab and maybe also something about certification preparation.

The Melbourne Conference is on Thursday 7th February, there I will be helping Craig Waters to run the user track. A little like the Tech Talks that we did with the vBrownBag crew at VMworld, this is an opportunity for community generated material.  If you use vSphere and have learned anything then you can share that experience by signing up using this form to present what you learned and to help others.

Other speakers that you may have heard of are Mike Laverick and Stephen Foskett who will be at both conferences and Michael Webster who I believe will only be in Melbourne.

If you will be in Sydney or Melbourne those weeks I’d recommend going to the conferences, lots of great free resources for the community.

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2 Responses to Australian VMUG Conferences – I’ll be there

  1. alex says:

    whats the paid gig in perth ?


  2. Alastair says:

    I’m teaching a View 5.1 Install Configure Manage course, here until Friday.

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