VMworld USA 2013 – Day 1 and 2

My main activity for day 1 was the VMware Certified Instructor (VCI) day.  Having been a VCI for seven years I still know relatively few other VCIs, so it’s always good to meet up and get to know some of them. It was also good to get some outlines of what is going on with the certification and training businesses at VMware.

The evening event on Sunday is VMUnderground, a great place to catch up with people I only see at VMworld but communicate with on twitter all year round.  It’s also one of the places to talk to people around you that you’ve never met, often very interesting people. When the party was shut down at 10pm I took the mature option of going back to the hotel and sleeping.

Day 2 was Monday, and it was a packed day. Full coverage of vSphere 5.5 new features from the unstoppable Chris Wahl on his site, the WahlNetwork, a 9 part series based on Chris’s work with the private beta. Straight after the keynote we were into vBrownBag TechTalk sessions, with all the chaos that comes with the first time use of new gear. There were a few hiccups but we got into a swing of using the gear.  We got ten or so sessions in the can over the day, these will get onto YouTube in due course.

The evening was again very social, first at the Nutanix party which was themed with the 80’s, lots of neon colours, old posters and music from my youth. This was a pretty good vendor party, full of people having fun and I met up with a few more people I see infrequently.  After Nutanix I went to a much smaller and quieter party organised by Christopher Kusek, the CXI party is definitely a party to go to to talk. As I walked in & looked around there were a heap of people I knew and who were great to talk to, but Christopher’s aim is that you talk to new people, so a did and met a heap more people who are great to talk with.

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