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It is always an honour when people you like and respect approach you to work together. I was delighted when Scott Lowe (the “Other” one, not the one talking about NSX all the time) and David Davis asked whether I’d like to write some articles for their web sites, VirtualizationSoftware.com and the newly launched EnterpriseStorageGuide.com. The sites are both filled with articles by independent community members and with interviews and videos that Scott and David have produced with vendors. There are quite a few articles there that I want to have a read over when I get a moment. The two articles of mine that have been published are Why RAID Cannot Cope With Large Disks: Rebuild Times and An Introduction to Scale-Up vs. Scale-Out Storage there are a few more that should appear on the site over time.

For a full listing of the pieces I have written please take a look at my Other Publications page. It’s getting quite long since three articles a month for two years adds up. If you are looking for writing services do get in touch via my About page.

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I am a professional geek, working in IT Infrastructure. Mostly I help to communicate and educate around the use of current technology and the direction of future technologies.
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