Pluralsight View 6 New Features Course

Today held some exciting news for me, my first course was published on Pluralsight. My course is about the new features of Horizon View 6.0. So it covers things like the upgrade process from View 5 as well as the vastly improved support for RDSH among a few other areas.

You may recall that last July I made a big change in my career, as part of a change I see in the way people learn. Producing courses for Pluralsight is a part of that change. Businesses are expecting their staff to manage a lot of their own training and to do it on their own time. The Pluralsight model of a monthly subscription and access to vast amounts of training is a great help for staff who must manage their own training.

If you’re a Pluralsight subscriber and want to know more about View 6 take a look at my course. If you aren’t a subscriber then there are trial options to give you a taste before you try the full subscription.

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3 Responses to Pluralsight View 6 New Features Course

  1. Marax says:

    Alastair, this is really good course, I want to see more on VDI and Horizon.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Paul says:

    Great course, but would really like to use the ViewDocumenter.ps1 script but was unable to download from site

  3. Alastair says:

    The script is included in the zip behind the “Exercise Files” link on the right side of the course page.

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