Who Is Going to Tech Field Day 13? These People, plus Me.

Next week is another great Tech Field Day event for me. This time it is Tech Field Day 13 in Austin. It seems that I only attend odd numbered TFD events, TFD9, VFD3, VFD5, TFD11, SFD11, and now TFD13. I don’t think that here is any conspiracy here, just seems to be how it works out.

I thought that I’d do a little different pre-TFD post and profile the other delegates who are due to be with me next week. As is usual, there is a mix of old friends and new faces.

Andreas Lesslhumer

I think I surprised Andreas when we met last year at TFD11 in Boston. Although it was his first TFD, I had been following his blog at http://www.running-system.com/Running-System  for quite a while. Andreas writes a lot of great content across many different technologies.

Andrew Mauro

Andrea is an old friend. He is one of the VMUG leaders in Italy and has helped me out with some vBrownBag podcast episodes, particularly on VDI design. One of my favorite moments with Andrea is having him present vBrownBag TechTalks in Italian. Although I do not understand the language you can see the knowledge flowing freely. My other friends at the Italian VMUG are in awe of the amount of work and content that Andreas completes.

Colin McNamara

Colin and I have moved in the same circles, but not quite connected, for a few years. Colin also has a famous beard, maybe we can make TFD13 the beard field day.

Josh De Jong

It looks like Josh has only been to even numbered TFD events, which explains why we haven’t been to an event together before. Josh wrote some great VSAN related blog posts last year.

Karel Novak

This TFD seems to be overloaded with VMware trainers, Karel & Rebecca are both VCIs and I used to be a VCI. Karel is Czech VMUG leader and blogs in Czech, making me again regret that I never learned another language. We were together at the TFD Extra at VMworld EMEA last year, but alas I was unwell which detracted from my experience of the event. This time I should get to know Karel a little.

Karen Lopez

Karen is a space geek and works in data management. I first met Karen at John Troyer’s The Reckoning conference, and always see her in the company of some technology oriented Barbie doll (the real plastic variety). Hunting for a photo of said Barbie I found that Karen is a lover of single malt Scotch. I suspect we will drink some scotch next week.

Raff Poltronieri

Raff was another new face at TFD11 in Boston last year. Raff is also an Italian, it seems we will soon have an Italian vMaffia. I drank my tea today from the Juventus mug that Raff gave me in Boston, he is a huge fan of the club.

Rebecca Fitzhugh

I got to meet Rebecca, as a friend of a friend (thanks @mistwire), while we were both in Barcelona for VMworld 2016. She is one of a few ex-marines that we know in the virtualization community. Like me she teaches, being a VCI for a few years. Recently Rebecca completed her VCDX qualification, one of a very small number of women VCDX.

Sean Thulin

Yet another long-time friend, part of the Boston NerdHerd that I have hung out with over the last few years as I’ve been in town for SimpliVity and TFD events. Sean was SFD11 with me too.

Teren Bryson

Teren is completely new to me, although he has been to many TFD events over a few years. His background is in programming and networking, so he should bring some interesting perspectives to the event. Teren is also a Whisky fan, this might be an interesting TFD.

Thom Greene

Thom is also new to me; this is his first TFD event. Thom has done some nice preview posts for the various vendors who will be presenting. A quick look at his blog shows a heap of good posts about many things, virtual and data center.

This is a TFD event, so please refer to my standard TFD disclaimer.


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